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Cabinet Makers

LFCS prides itself on having the premier cabinet makers Sydney has to offer. With combined decades of experience, we bring finishes to projects that leave the owners and visitors stunned at how beautiful craftsmanship really can be. Let's take a closer look at three distinct areas within the field.

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Bespoke Built-in Furniture


Have your home transformed in a way you have only seen on websites or in a magazine. 


LFCS combines custom cabinetry and furniture that meet your aesthetic and functional needs.


Our carpenters work tirelessly to deliver from bespoke contemporary to classical design to suit your taste. Our custom cabinetry, whether it be kitchen cabinets or a corner storage cabinet, everything is customised to look stunning and work seamlessly. We have expert kitchen cabinet makers and combine this with expertise in every room of the house. 


Bespoke customised furniture is the zenith of home renovation. Working closely with you, we turn your vision into a reality. 


With the proper planning, not only will your furnishing be exquisite, but we will work with you to utilise a clever use of space that can make a massive difference to a home project, take your vision even further and make yours stand out. 


We take great pride in designing our custom furniture for you and your vision to fulfill your requirements and make the most out of your investment.

Shop Fitting


Combining innovation in both construction and joinery, we deliver high-quality spec and bespoke shop fit-outs. 


We work closely with the business owner and management to ensure on-time delivery for offices. We care immensely about minimising downtime, allowing your vision to come true, and getting your business up and running. 


Project management is critical, and our team deliver a tailored, efficient, and managed process from conception to delivery. This applies to the smallest startup business to established corporations. 


We work with various timbers for commercial-grade fit-outs for a variety of businesses:


  • Retail Shops

  • Restaurants

  • Cafe's

  • And many more...


Timber is versatile in commercial spaces, providing our customers with texture and warmth while making a visual statement and setting the scene. Making an impact on the first impression is what you are looking for, for your customers and staff. 


Various Australian hardwoods give you versatility while leaving an enduring warmth, texture and quality natural finish that will stand the test of time, even in a commercial setting. 


We provide numerous aesthetics to deliver a bespoke finish for any ideas you have in mind. We also combine other materials for finishes. Working closely with you from the start, we will provide all the options and together come up with a design and implementation strategy that delivers on all fronts.  


We can collaborate to mix up finishes in any area from:


  • Café Counters

  • Reception Desks

  • Seating

  • Featured Walls

  • Shelving

  • Cabinetry

  • The list goes on...


The result is always contemporary, innovative designs that fit into the space and manage your space efficiently.

Home Office


With more and more people working from home, we are getting multiple requests for designing bespoke home offices.  


We strive to help your vision motivate you and increase your productivity while working in the office you have always dreamed of. 


We work closely with you to discover what characteristics will help you function better and help drive both creativity and productivity. 


It doesn't matter if you use your home office a few times a month or work full-time or part-time from home. Our goal is every time you walk into that room; you get inspired and focused.  


We will design a bespoke layout so, at all times, you know where everything is. We have options and solutions for all kinds of budgets, spaces and style requirements. 


Contact LFCS today for advice or a consultation. Let us get to work on designing the home, office or commercial space of your dreams!


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the three basic cabinet-making operations?


Cutting, assembling and finishing. These are considered the go-to starting point for cabinet making. For beginners, you'll need a well-made table saw and a sharp blade for precise cuts. You'll need a reliable band saw to make smooth curved cuts, and for making and shaping grooves, you require a router. Once fully equipped, you are on your way to cutting, assembling and finishing. 


What is the most common cabinet door style?


With clean, classic lines, Shaker-style cabinets are the industry's most popular cabinet door style. It works perfectly across many spectrums, modern, transitional, or traditional.


What is the most common cabinet material?


Wood is by far the most common cabinet material. Several species can be used for cabinet woods, such as pine, Blackwood, Ash, Eucalyptus variants and more. Each has unique characteristics, offering durability, alternative colours and costs.


Which cabinets are most durable?


Solid natural wood cabinets are considered your gold standard in the industry as they deliver strength and longevity. Some Australian timber will last you for decades if you treat it right.

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