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Off-Form Concrete Stairs

A Remarkable Architectural Feature Within The Construction Industry

Both the aesthetic and functional qualities of Off Form Stairs, make these a proper and professional choice both in residential and even commercial construction projects. Off Form Stairs are quickly setting the bar in the contemporary construction industry.

Minimalistic Stairs

What are Off Form Concrete Stairs


Off Form Stairs, or also known as "exposed concrete stairs" is a different design and construction technique that is used to emphasize the beauty of the raw materials, in this case, concrete.

This is done by leaving concrete in their natural state. Off Form Concrete Stairs is constructed by pouring concrete into framework, which is then removed to reveal the staircase in the most natural self "Off Form" showing the natural texture and lines within the concrete itself

The Aesthetic Appeal


Constructing Off Form Concrete Stairs offers a blend of stunning rugged texture and sleek design. They provide a clean, cool and modern look that fits with modern standards, specifically for people who prefer a simple, elegant and uncluttered design.

The best part of Off Form Concrete Stairs is they show the natural beauty within the concrete. If you're after something that is not just classy but also a one of a kind look, LFCS can provide you with Off Form Stairs

Durability and Maintenance


Concrete itself is renowned for its durability and longevity amongst all applications, meaning these Off Form Concrete Stairs are resistant to wear and tear, you will not have to worry about regular painting, or replacing as you would with wooden or even carpeted stairs, which all shows how minimal maintenance is needed.

Off Form Concrete Stairs are an excellent long term investment that can enhance the value and functionality of your property.

Versatility & Customisation


Since Off Form Concrete Stairs are created from concrete, this means they can offer incredible versatility. It can be poured into nearly any shape, and even customised to accommodate various sizes and layouts fitting your property.

This makes Off Form Concrete Stairs suitable for an extremely wide array of spaces and layouts, from your residential urban home to the most expansive commercial properties



In modern times where everything is needing to be environmentally friendly. Off Form Concrete Stairs align perfectly with this, as concrete is an abundant, energy efficient material that doesn't deplete natural resources.

The creation of Off Form Concrete Stairs requires minimal materials and produces less waste. Meaning there is no additional cladding or finishing needed for this.

Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Off Form Concrete Stairs a suitable choice for both residential and commercial properties

Due to their versatility and modern appeal, Off Form Concrete Stairs can be customised to fit inside various spaces, which can complement different designs. The durable nature of Off Form Concrete Stairs also makes them well suited for high traffic areas which can be found within commercial properties


How does the durability of Off Form Concrete Stairs compare to that of traditional wooden stairs

Comparing both Off Form Stairs and Wooden Stairs. Concrete being the main material, is resistant to wear and tear, does not warp like wood, making Off Form Stairs a more long lasting and less maintenance, and don't forget environmentally friendly, option

Can Off Form Concrete Stairs be customised to fit any space or are there limitations to their design

Off Form Stairs can be customized in a great deal to fit in almost any space. Since the process involves pouring concrete into formwork, again allowing for a huge array of sizes and shapes. 

What type of maintenance is needed to keep Off Form Concrete Stairs in top condition

These Off Form Concrete Stairs require the upmost minimal maintenance. Of course, regular sweeping, blowing or vacuuming will help remove dirt and debris that can be collected, or a mop with detergent to give it a fresh clean look.

Unlike Wooden Stairs, they do not require re finishing. Although feel free to apply sealants periodically for further protection if needed

How do Off Form Concrete Stairs contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of a property

The raw, natural look of concrete, brings a combination of industrial, yet sleek vibe into any space that they are fitted into. The beauty of the raw concrete brings a minimalistic approach that compliments modern designs, adding a sense of uniqueness and sophistication.

Why are Off Form Concrete Stairs considered an environmentally friendly option in construction

Off Form Stairs are considered environmentally friendly for quite a few reasons, concrete, being the upmost primal material, is energy efficient, requires less energy to produce, can be crushed, recycled and reused, reducing the demand for new materials compared to other building materials.

Concrete, being largely made of Limestone, is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth, making this a sustainable resource, additionally utilising less materials as there is no need for additional cladding.

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