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Adam's Apple Fruit Market

Updated: May 24, 2022

The Adam's Apple Fruit Market in Westfield Hurstville wanted to expand their store layout to give a more comfortable and efficient shopping experience to their customers.

Adam's Apple Fruit Market

The owners wanted to offer a wider range of cheeses, deli meats, continental groceries, frozen foods as well as improving the displays of their signature high quality fruit and vegetables.

LF Construction Services came in to do the carpentry and joinery for the store fit out rebuild, making sure the fruit and vegetable display stands matched the quality of the produce Adam's Apple is known for.

Rich dark wood panels were used on the base of the display stands and the store exterior to bring out the bright colours of the fresh fruit and vegetables.

Light coloured boxes that would be decorated with 'green foliage' were mounted to the ceiling bulk head by the LF Construction Services team. Combined with green foliage hanging from the ceiling and the wood finishes of the display stands, the fit out really enhances the organic feel of the 'fruit market'.

When all the fresh fruit and vegetables were added to the displays, the results were stunning. The completed fit out was just what the Adam's Apple Fruit Market needed for their grand reopening and another successful project for Liam and his LF Construction Services Team.

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