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Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Sydney: What You Need to Know

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Syndey is one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities and with it comes an array of apartments, houses, mansions and more.

All of the above can benefit greatly from bespoke kitchen cabinetry. Using expert cabinet makers in Sydney can give your kitchen big, small or open a unique feel and something that hasn’t come off a production line.

Kitchen Cabinetry designed with wood theme

Tailored kitchen solutions have become increasingly popular in the last decade as the city has grown. Now people see the value in having the freedom to express themselves by using kitchen cabinet makers it’s down to a combination of their expertise and your vision to create an individualistic masterpiece for your home.

Using their skills to handcraft your chosen woods will elevate the project and add intrinsic value too.

In this blog, we will cover the following:

  • Advantages of Handmade Wood Cabinets

  • What to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Sydney

  • Tips for Maintaining Your Kitchen Cabinets

  • Getting the most value for your money


For those looking to remodel or revamp their kitchen, choosing the proper cabinet maker is an essential part of the equation.

Cabinets are just as important as appliances in your kitchen space so practicality plays a big role when you are at the design phase.

So there’s a lot to using tailored kitchen solutions, before and during the process, so hopefully, this blog will give you some ideas and make sure you cover some important aspects before you start choosing woods and finalising your design.

OK let’s get into it.

Advantages of Handmade Wood Cabinets

  • Custom Designs

  • Unique Grains and Textures

Handmade wood cabinets offer numerous advantages over mass-produced ones.

For someone who’s looking to play a part in the design aspect of a renovation project, or building a home, or simply a kitchen re-vamp the custom-made kitchen cabinets will give you that bit of input that you’re looking for.

Wooden kitchen island bench top


With such a great selection of timber in Australia such as:

  • Blackbutt

  • Spotted Gum

  • Eucalyptus

  • Jarrah and more…

There’s plenty to choose from, each with its own unique grains and textures, which means that you can have no two cabinets looking alike and therefore no other kitchen looking alike.

People are finding that handmade adds not only character to a kitchen but also value too.

The maker will have attention to detail and have plenty of years and projects of experience to engage with you to make the best possible design to suit your budget and ensure that they last longer and are of higher quality than factory-made units.

If you are looking for one-of-a-kind cabinets that will last, then handmade wood cabinets are definitely the way to go.

What to Consider when Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Sydney

Now you’ve reached a point where you know that getting a bog standard fitted kitchen is not for you, you will have to give consideration to a few things and make sure you get them right.

  • Expertise in all kinds of wood fittings

  • Attention to detail

  • Strong customer service

One thing you definitely want to prioritise is expertise in all kinds of wood fittings. So looking for someone who has plentiful knowledge and completed projects to show is the first step.

Beautiful wood kitchen cabinetry

Experience will add attention to detail, ensure the project stays on track and will also advise against ideas that simply won’t work! What an experience cabinet maker will give you is plenty of feedback when it comes to the creative aspect and put into proactive your ideas.

The strong customer service part is purely down to communication skills as you both need to be in agreement about the choice of wood and the design

You want a cabinet maker who will listen to your vision and work with you to make it a reality, all while providing helpful and friendly service.

Tips for Maintaining Your Kitchen Cabinets

Regular cleaning and upkeep

The kitchen is such an important room in any home, but also it’s one of the most used and cooking in many ways will leave plenty of cleaning to do not just of the oven and in the sink but also on all your cabinets and cupboards.

Keeping your cabinets in good condition is part of maintaining the aesthetics and getting value for money and keeping that value if you are looking to sell in the future (or are having it done to sell).

With a little effort and some basic cleaning supplies, you can easily maintain your custom cabinets in Sydney.

So during the evaluation stage whether you choose oak or a different kind of wood they need to be maintained.

With woods you need to be very careful with the finish, therefore not use anything abrasive to clean with or anything chemical based as the liquid is crucial.

Something very soft to remove dust, and simply warm water and a soft cloth is good enough for regular upkeep but then you will need to make the water warmer to cut through grease. But your cabinet maker will give you solid advice on what to use.

Getting the most value for your money

When it comes to choosing kitchen cabinet makers, there are important factors to consider.

As we all know any renovation or re-vamp work costs money and is an investment, so you would want to get the most out of it for as long as possible.

Craftsmanship is the obvious stand-out point, but also the choice of woods will affect the length of time you will have without losing its look.

With so many options available, it does come down to experience, proven track record, completed projects, reviews, testimonials and anything else you can think of that will verify that the person(s) is the right fit for you.

TIP - Make sure even if you are 100 percent sure that your idea will work once you have chosen a company or individual(s) to do the work to listen to their advice.


You will want the project to run smoothly and come out of it looking as you had envisioned before you found the right company or individual(s). You’ll know fairly quickly if you build up rapport, they get your idea and scope for the project and can jump straight in with suggestions and truly engage you. That is a sign of experience and will make you feel comfortable to also follow their flow once they start with you. At the end of it all, you’ll have beautiful custom-made cabinets that should definitely turn heads at a dinner party. Good luck!


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