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Colin Fassnidge's Pool Deck

Updated: May 10, 2023

Every now and then the LF Construction Services Team get to work on something truly special. Sometimes it's an amazing project or sometimes it's an amazing client. This time Liam Fitzgerald's team had the privilege of building fellow Irishman and My Kitchen Rules Judge Colin Fassnidge's Pool Deck.

Liam Fitzgerald already requires the very best standards from his team, but for this job everything had to be perfect.

The project started with the installation of the swimming pool.

Once the pool was in the LF Construction Services Team setup the foundation and supports for the deck.

Next the installation of the rich coloured deck surface.

All the different tools the LF Construction Services Team used to get the job done.

The finished deck has a beautiful combination of two materials.

The side with the steps to the house has a gorgeous fire pit for those special occasions.

Colin Fassnidge

With a stunning new pool and deck, Colin Fassnidge can now relax in the comfort of his backyard when he's not busy cooking or judging on My Kitchen Rules.


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