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Custom Outdoor BBQ Area

Updated: May 24, 2022

A client at Waterloo wanted to make the most of their outdoor BBQ area. Anything is possible with the right tools and skills. LF Construction Services built this clean and simple design from scratch.

Outdoor BBQ Area

See how it blends smoothly with the existing BBQ and Sink facilities.

The first step was to get the frames for the table and stools manufactured.

Next to apply the wood surfaces. Liam really wanted to go for a clean finish, avoiding visible screws or bolts wherever possible.

The stools were done in two stages. First stage was applying glue and clamping in place to allow the glue to set.

After the glue set, LF Construction Services came back to screw all the panels for the stools in place from the inside.

The work was very manual and time consuming but the final result was well worth it. A beautiful BBQ area that will be the center of many an outdoor family meal or party.


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