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LF Construction Services: The Balmoral Collection in Mosman

Another example of Fusion Between Bespoke Carpentry and Contemporary Design

LF Construction Services is very happy because they complete top-quality carpentry and joinery for Sydney commercial and home projects. The finished article always makes our team proud of what we roll out at completion.

The Balmoral Collection

For many years, our projects have been about high-end penthouses and bespoke features for homes. Our group of skilled and expert carpenters have a lot of experience in bespoke designs and are willing to work alongside project managers and interior designers; in fact, it helps bring out the best in a project!

Our Team Gives Personalised Estimates. 

They complete jobs quickly for the right price. However, we deliver very high-quality home renovation carpentry, and we always try to achieve more than what our customers expect.

The Balmoral Collection Kitchen Fitout

One of our newest and exciting projects is the Balmoral Collection in Mosman. This fancy new house project has top-class and posh homes near the harbour for sale.

Award-winning MHNDU architects and famous Richards Stanisich interior designers made the Balmoral Collection. 

It comes with four special whole-floor homes with a private lift, an amazing kitchen for cooking, and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy the beautiful view of Balmoral Beach.

The Balmoral Collection Custom Doors

We were responsible for all the carpentry work done on this project, which included:

  • Custom Doors and Door Locks: LF Construction Services install doors with locks for each house.  Using only the finest materials. The doors and locks were made to fit the aesthetics of the project. They also make sure people's homes are safe and private for those who live there.

  • Custom Door Frames: We construct and fit special door frames for every home using premium wood. The door frames were made to match the doors and walls, giving support and long-lasting strength. If doors are needed, our door installation Sydney team is the go-to in the city. 

  • Custom Skirtings: LF Construction Services makes and puts in unique skirtings for every house, using top-quality materials to finish them. The edges were made to make the floors look better and work well. They also keep them from getting hurt or worn out.

LF Construction Services conducted seamless carpentry work on the Balmoral Collection and has raised the bar for other carpenters Mosman has to offer. 

The Balmoral Collection High Quality Skirtings and Finishes

We made and delivered true woodwork that was aesthetically sound and met what their customers wanted. The woodworking work also proves their skill in collaborating with others like architects, interior decorators, and builders. This helps them get a good result in harmony together. 

The carpentry work shows what LF Construction Services and the Balmoral Collection believe: Making modern contemporary homes mixed with 21st-century modernistic woodworking design STAND OUT!


With so many new styles and designs coming into the market in 2023, 2024 is bound to be an eye-opener as Sydney has undergone a really funky transformation and heralded a new contemporary era with unusual design-featured projects.  These we embrace wholeheartedly as they allow us to collaborate and add to a project that will raise the bar from what the customer originally had envisioned.  We can’t wait for more projects like this to showcase our work and show what bespoke carpentry in Sydney is all about in 2024.


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