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Navigating the World of Carpentry Services: A Homeowner's Guide to Finding the Best in Sydney

Carpentry is making a big comeback in Australia in recent years, especially with sustainable practices coming to the fore.

So you see more and more about it online, in magazines and so forth, so many out there are curious about how it works and what kind of services professional carpenters cover.

Professional carpenter squaring off the end of a plank of wood

Finding out what they can do for your home or project, their experience and whether they are local and so on are part of a process we will help you establish before you go out looking for one.

The right choice of carpenter makes all the difference when it comes to achieving the results you had in your mind before you started.

Whether you're on a tight budget or aiming higher, in this Homowner’s guide we will point out some of the different classes of carpentry out there and give you advice on selecting the right professional(s) for you and your project.

Also, this guide is here as a deterrent to anyone who’s not really that experienced and is also busy with a full-time job, so can only devote a few hours a day thinking;

‘I reckon I could do that’ - Many have learned to regret that thought!

NOTE - If you speak to a professional carpenter like a member of the LF Construction Services team, ask him about how many jobs he’s had to come in and rescue from someone’s DIY, and we’re sure he’ll have a few funny tales to tell.

Anyway, here’s what sectors we are covering:

  1. Carpentry services - What do they cover?

  2. Different types of carpentry services

  3. The benefits of hiring a professional carpenter

  4. Three factors to consider when hiring

  5. Overview

1. Carpentry services - What do they cover

Carpentry services cover a wide range of needs, the team at LF Construction Services provide services ranging from fixing broken doors and windows to constructing new structures like pergolas and decks.

Finding skilled carpenters who care about your dream can be hard to find in Sydney. Carpenters that have a range of diverse skills with all kinds of woods that can be useful throughout the interior and exterior of your home and more.

LF Construction Services Team Member working on external wood wall

Prices will naturally vary depending on the size and skill level involved, but looking to team up with someone or an experienced team means they also provide advice on the latest trends, designs and what woods are best for what design you are looking for.

At the early stage, you really want to have as many options on the table (excuse the pun) as you can. Choosing the right wood isn’t always about the look, the finish and the colour. Some woods are just better than others for certain aspects of a home.

Understanding your needs and preferences will be at the top of their priority list before starting to make suggestions and give viable options.

2. Different types of carpentry services

Carpentry services can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

From basic repairs to intricate woodwork designs, carpentry covers a wide range of skills and specialities. Some common types of carpentry services include

  • Framing and structural carpentry

  • Finishing and trimming carpentry

  • Cabinetry and furniture making

  • Restoration carpentry

  • Roofing carpentry and more…

Framing and structural carpentry involve constructing the framework of a building, window frame or door frame. If you are building a home from the start ask if they include the roofing.

While finishing and trimming carpentry works on aesthetic design elements such as baseboards, fittings and so on ensuring a priceless finish.

Professional carpenter installing some cabinets

Cabinetry and furniture making focuses on creating custom-built pieces for all rooms and aspects of the home from cabinets in the kitchen, to in-house office desks, doors, storage cabinets and more.

While restoration carpentry works to restore and repair antique wooden structures and furniture. When it comes to restoration a professional will likely have advice on where to pick up the best pieces and good deals, so it’s worth asking. A restoration project can be so much more than a normal build.

There’s a carpentry skill out there for every aspect and every room, so if you were thinking wood then get someone in to take a look and throw some ideas around.

3. The benefits of hiring a professional carpenter

From building a new deck to remodelling a kitchen, carpentry skills are essential to home improvements.

While some homeowners may think DIY projects are a way to save money, there are many benefits to hiring a professional carpenter like LF Construction Services. As we mentioned before skill, expertise and experience are the driving factors between risking a smaller investment, or guaranteeing the extra will get what you really wanted - DONE.

With years of training, a professional carpenter will bring knowledge to each job. If they have a website be sure to check for testimonials and case studies.


These are people who are happy to have their photo taken and give a small online reference to the work they have done on their project.

NOTE - Under some circumstances, you may well be able to ask for a referral, especially if the person’s home is in the same suburb as you for example.

Another benefit is the quality of work that a professional carpenter provides.

Case Studies

These should be available either on the website or through other means. These are examples before and after different projects involving different skills that they completed.

These are a good opportunity for you to see if they have worked on exactly the same kinds of ideas you have, if so they could be a fit.

Other Benefits

They have access to specialised tools and materials, that are high-grade precision instruments.

Although you could spend a fortune at a reputable retailer on big-name tools, that still doesn’t mean you have exactly what you need in your tool kit to get the end result they can.

At the end of the day, hiring a professional carpenter saves you time and reduces stress by avoiding mistakes and complications that can arise from DIY projects that put you behind on time and financially.

4. Three factors to consider when hiring

It is important to have a list of boxes that you want to be ticked before you invite someone around for an inspection.


While someone offering a low price can always be attractive, to begin with, and is very tempting during renovations or a build, it’s sometimes not much better than DIY.

Even if they have a website check the site to show they are licensed and registered, plus also any government, local or state they are affiliated or regulated by.

Licensed carpenters don’t leave a mess, deliver on their promise and don’t waste materials and therefore, not your money either.

Level of experience

Carpentry is not a skill you can learn overnight, as we all know. It takes years of training to get to a certified level.

Knowing that it takes time to get to that level, they should have years of experience under their belts. If you are looking for highly-skilled and difficult or intricate work to be done then the right experience is everything.

Your best bet on how to gauge their experience is what we mentioned above, ‘Case Studies’ it will give you an idea of what joinery they are capable of.


One thing we cannot do in this guide is give you a price guide for carpentry in Sydney as there is no set price for an individual or a team of carpenters to adhere to. Services are quotations based on each individual job.

So ensure before you agree to any jobs being taken on that you have received and fully understand the quotation offered to you before you proceed.

Many carpenters will offer you good prices, and since COVID generally, prices are more than reasonable for quality work.

NOTE - Sometimes checking the service pages in Sydney of different carpenters can give you a ballpark price for certain jobs, so when you start negotiating you know what’s too high or low.

5. Overview

When it comes to finding carpentry professionals in Sydney, LF Construction Services is one of the best in the industry. Liam and his team offer bespoke creations, giving you ideas and the ability to personalise what you want to the exact specifications. This can include everything from the type of wood used to the design and finish that you had envisioned.

Other custom options may include the addition of unique features such as hidden storage solutions, intricate carving details, or even built-in lighting. Be sure to follow some of the simple yet important rules and what to look for before you go ahead on a project, but remember they have a reputation to keep up and most will be making sure your project has the perfect finish. Good luck!


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