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CLT Cladding

As a natural product, timber has been used for years to house and protect the world's population. 


Recently CLT Cladding in Sydney has become extremely popular, whereas timber has been more limited due to its nature and has not been preferred for taller structures. 


LFCS’s crew has spent years examining and testing what can be achieved with tall structures. 


We now work on a systematic process through evaluation that keeps waste to a minimum and maximises the usage of the raw material. 


When you are proficient at removing the deficiencies and reforming them into the panels, you transform them dynamically and become extremely robust for their weight.  


In a combination of lightweight and strength, you suddenly have an alternative to concrete and steel that makes sense as far as production is concerned and is also financially viable.  


When you break down construction, you are looking for something to support its weight, so lighter construction makes much more sense now than it would have 30-40 years ago. 


Building expenses can be cut in half today by using lighter materials and less structural groundwork.  


CLT in Walls and Floors


CLT - Cross Laminate Timber Panels are multiple pieces of timber that we construct and lay perpendicular to one another and then glued and pressed to create the boards and panels.  


We then fix their edges, and they form the building's floors and wall structure. 


  • Sorting

  • Reforming

  • Testing




Machines scan and optimise each piece of timber for unique flaws or defects, and if any are found, they are eliminated. This ensures that only the weak pieces of timber that affect the structure's integrity are removed and, therefore, shredded. Hence, the remaining structure is pure and strong.



When the word 'Reformed' is used, it means the timber is made back into single long lengths that are fundamentally more rigid and stronger to give more engineering capacity when they are subsequently formed into CLT panels. 




In testing facilities, there are purpose-made equipment for CLT panels. Strict testing ensures not only Australian building standards but also international engineering and construction standards are adhered to.  

Due to our years of experience in the industry, we are pleased to let everyone know the areas that we cover and where we can help:

  • CLT Cladding Sydney

  • CLT Cladding Matraville

  • CLT Cladding Brighton Le Sands

  • CLT Cladding Point Piper

  • CLT Cladding Bellevue Hill

  • CLT Cladding Vaucluse

  • CLT Cladding Centennial Park

  • CLT Cladding Double Bay

  • CLT Cladding Tamarama

  • CLT Cladding Dover Heights

  • CLT Cladding Rose Bay

  • CLT Cladding Mosman

  • CLT Cladding Woolwich


CLT has a very low environmental impact when sustainably sourced. It is ideal for providing on-site fast and dry construction. It gives you airtight floor and wall structures, which most designers would be happy to put their name to it for both internal and external finishes. 

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