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Furniture Maker

Custom Furniture Design with Vision

Custom furniture makes an Idea a Reality

Custom designs cannot be themselves without interaction and understanding. An initial consultation is everything to paving the way to bring an idea to life. Our carpentry team work closely with you to visualise and advise what will become a piece of art both parties are proud of.  Our carpenters interact with our customers throughout all phases to bring to life your idea.

Sydney is a diverse market, and innovation is the only way you can compete and deliver.  


Consultation and preparation are paramount to finding the level and trends that people in one of the most forward-thinking cities in the world require. Trends are everything today, and we deliver. Flexibility and communication with our customers can bring the best results. 

Innovation gives us the WOW factor. 


If you have an idea, then let's get together. Let the fusion begin and make your home, home office or your commercial space get noticed.

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Bespoke Custom Furniture Makers who Understand your Needs

Nothing in the interior or exterior design world stays the same; things move on and move fast – yesterday's designs don't always meet the needs of today. With many people being influenced by the internet and seeing designs from other parts of the world, here at LFCS, we are fully aware of keeping on our toes and abreast of new ideas that are out there. 

We are proud to combine past traditions and fuse them with the present to create practical and beautiful furniture. Our craftsmen are adept at furniture-making traditions but use modern tools and equipment to give you the best of both worlds in the days of contemporary living. 

In the old days, people would not have necessarily thought of encompassing entertainment systems within their furniture. However, though times change, they would still have expected top-quality manufacturing and design. Here at LFCS, we encompass both. 

Proud Australian Customised Wood Furniture Crafting


Our staff and craftsmen know their trade and are proud of it. We look to use the best quality available to us in Australia, and although we have woods from outside the country if you choose, we know how to source the very best this country has to offer. 


We use the rich traditions of this nation's history to inspire designs and create a timeless, modern, home-grown feel to each piece we design. 


Putting you first


Whatever you have in mind, our team will do their best to see that vision become a reality.  


We pride ourselves on our customer service. This fully incorporates our assessment and design period, where we work closely with you to design a plan and timeframe that will make you as comfortable as the furniture itself. 


With talented carpenters and designers today, there's no need to settle for mass-produced poor-quality furniture. Custom furniture is yours and yours alone and will last for a generation. 





A complete range



Door installations of all shapes and sizes



A quality timber buffet is a great look



Top quality Australian-made custom lounges



Bespoke modern bedroom furniture suited to your style


All shapes and sizes for those family moments 


We can create TV units and encompass other electrical goods to look chic


Retail fit outs of the highest quality to impress your customers

Here at LFCS, we are renowned in the industry for being flexible and delivering on everyone's ideas and requirements. For an initial consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us with your ideas, and we'll make them come to fruition. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How can you tell if the furniture is good quality?


The way it is constructed.


Smooth finishes, even, and with no bubbles when you rub over it. Every piece should feel solid - without wobbles or creaks when it is used. For example, the inside of drawers should be perfectly smooth and sanded. It's not all about what wood is on show; it's what you don't see also counts. 


What is the telltale sign of bad workmanship? 


Good indicators of poor quality are joints that are nailed or stapled or any sign of glue. If you see these, you can be assured that not much care and attention was paid to the piece. Even mass-produced pieces are programmed to deliver precisely the same result each time. So this is a BIG NO-NO with any custom furniture maker. 


Is custom-made furniture more expensive?


Customised furniture, in general, will cost more than your average mass-produced pieces. The cost is higher due to design and preparation work, plus you are paying for the years of craftsmanship that goes into every unique detail crafted in your vision. 

What are good reasons to buy custom furniture?


Here are five benefits when you are buying custom furniture:


  • One-of-a-kind

  • Higher quality

  • Good Investment

  • Perfect function and fit

  • Exact colour and size you require


What is the most purchased furniture item?


Here is a snapshot of the 8 most popularly ordered custom-made furniture in Australia:

  • Recliner sun loungers

  • Rattan furniture sets

  • Garden sets with sofa

  • Foldaway garden sets

  • Garden armchairs

  • Computer desks and adjustable laptop desks

  • A 24-hour Chair

  • Handcrafted in-house Bars

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