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Lift Surface Protection

Many businesses can often overlook lift protection, office buildings and contractors and end up with the often-used machine looking dirty, old, and, in some cases, graffitied or vandalised (depending on location and usage). 

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Serving a Purpose


Lift surface protection can come in different forms for different means, and keeping your lift looking exemplary, damage and vandalism free is a task. However, a lift can be one of the first impressions a new worker or customer gets of your building or business.  


Elevators are not cheap equipment to buy or install, so protecting that investment for the long term should be on your to-do list, and that comes at a much lower cost. 




Lifts, especially in public areas, are open to vandalism in many ways, from people picking away at surface material to pens and sometimes much more significant degradation.  


This can lead to less foot traffic and a feeling of unease for people visiting your facility, whatever kind it may be.  


Having a regular check on your lift to establish what protection may be needed is what we specialise in. We will assess any damage or wear and tear associated with the lift(s), recommend a fix, and give you a choice of suitable surfaces.  

Benefits of Lift Protection


  • Keeps your lift looking new

  • It creates a clean environment

  • Protects the lift from damage

  • It provides an excellent impression to visitors

  • It helps reduce average vandalism 


Areas of Installation  


  • Interior Door

  • Exterior Door

  • Pillars

  • Wall Panels

  • Control Panel (COP)

  • Ceiling

  • Exterior Housing

  • Hand Rails

  • Custom Surfaces

  • Custom Printing


Range of Services


We provide lift surface protection for:


  • Metal

  • Glass

  • And Solid Surfaces.


Our protection helps against scratches and graffiti in different forms, and we have years of experience with lifts for many situations and uses. 


Regardless of your concern or general wear and tear, we take a holistic approach and will do an on-site inspection and gather information to provide what we feel will be the best solution and protective finished products.  


Our solutions will offer the following:


  • Improve aged, worn, scratched or vandalised surfaces 

  • Maintain or increase traffic with cleaner-looking elevators 

  • Proprietary adhesive helps withstands removal attempts 

  • Printable surface to advertise or inform with notes

  • Available in many surface finishes and colours


Here at LFCS we have years of experience in lift service protection and are happy to evaluate your situation and offer a solution. SO please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Can lift surface protection be applied to a rough surface 

Yes, they can be. Rougher surfaces can be covered, but in doing so, a more or thicker material will need to be used.

Does the surface area need to be clean and dry 

Dirty embedded materials or debris will adversely affect the protective material's performance.

What happens after it is applied


Once affixed on a dry, clean surface, the protective film will prevent damage to the surface of the lift. Although our protection materials are versatile, you need to use the proper material to avoid jeopardising your timeline and the always dreaded budget overages. We offer a inspection service after the protection material has been applied. 

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