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Timber Floors

LFCS has earned a reputation in Sydney and the timber flooring industry as a leader in service, reliability, and value for money. Sydney residents who have used our service enjoy long-lasting, competitively-priced, visually stunning floors that add value to their homes and commercial property. 

Thanks to our network of leading suppliers, our design team, who keep up with the latest floorboard designs, and our vastly experienced installation team, we are at the top of the timber tree. 

Timber Floors around Stairs
Wood Flooring

Why Choose LFCS


Our team of dedicated professionals with decades of combined experience are committed to delivering timber flooring that exceeds expectations. 


Our carpenter's skills range from timber roofing, timber cladding, clt cladding, and decking in addition to standard flooring. We have a range of floorings, from stylish Australian hardwoods to the more classic oak look and the popular timeless parquetry floors and more. 


We work closely with our customers providing expert advice on which floor will work best in each unique environment and then produce stunning results. 


Floor Supply


At LFCS, we offer design and aesthetics advice in addition to supplying high-quality timber flooring for residential and commercial properties. Our team works closely to establish under what conditions your usage is and what is the best type of flooring that ticks all the boxes in terms of looks, design and longevity.  


We pride ourselves on delivery time which our project manager will be attentive to from the start. 


We supply many different flooring types across Sydney; here is just a sample:


  • Australian Hardwood. Spotted Gum -  Blackbutt - Jarrah, and many more…

  • Oak. Chestnut - Ash - Sandstone, and many more…

  • Parquetry. Australian Hardwood - Resistance Oak - Glowood


Floor Sanding


Depending on the usage, wear and tear are inevitable over time, especially in commercial premises. Floorboards can become dull, scratched or generally lose that initial vibrance. 


We bring them back to life for you—our sanding and polishing service we offer to both existing and new customers.  


The process is to remove the top layer, then add a coating to add a brand-new finish and get them back to where they once were. Once back to its vibrant coat, it'll refresh your home or workspace.

Beautiful Wood Flooring
Magna Aspen Raw Wood
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Floor Installation


Contact us if you already have timber flooring but need experts to install it.  


Our vastly experienced team know how to work with all woods, designs and requirements. Delivering fittings on time is what we specialise in. 


Our team cover many installations, such as:


  • Solid Timber Flooring

  • Parquetry

  • Engineered Timber Flooring

  • Decks and Decking Plus more...




Regardless of the quality of timber used with floors, regular health maintenance never goes amiss. Making sure dirt is removed, your furniture legs have felt, or a stick on cushioning underneath, and your cleaning equipment isn't course and scratches the surface all help. 


However, even with diligent maintenance over time, a floor may need some repair. Joists or bearers may suffer damage from dampness or even flooding.  


However, here at LFCS, we repair a variety of timber floors in the area. 


If any of the above apply to you, do not hesitate to contact us at LFCS, and we'll get one of our expert team to speak with you to assess the best course of action!


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the different types of timber floor styles?


People often refer to floors as 'timber floors', which can become confusing. 


The main timber flooring categories are:


  • Solid Timber Flooring 

  • Engineered Timber Flooring

  • Bamboo Flooring

  • Laminate Flooring 

  • Vinyl Plank Flooring 


When should a timber floor be installed?


Generally, you want your timber installed after all other trades have been and gone and signed off on completion, except for painters. You do not want tradesmen walking over brand-new flooring when it is not necessary. Although the painter will need to be diligent in covering the floor, fitting flooring will create residual dust and cause minor damage to plaster from time to time, counteracting their good work. 


Do I need to do anything about my concrete slab before a floor gets fitted? 


Timber floors, in most cases, get installed over concrete slabs. 


However, we always check first for the following:


  • Sound concrete construction (not crumbling) 

  • Look for possible contaminants on the concrete (such as excessive paint residue or bondcrete)

  • Check for significant spots (high or low) across the floor


These must be seen before installing the flooring if we find all or any of the above. This ensures a solid bond between the concrete, subfloor and timber flooring. It also takes hollow spots out of the equation on the finished look. 


Can you replace the floorboards yourself?


If the floorboard is generally in good condition, you can take out the nails and use the existing nail holes to replace them. If it has severe damage, you may need to make new holes for the screws. Before doing any of that, make sure there are no wires or pipes near that drill bit!

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