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Granny Flat

Design and Build Your Granny Flat with LF Construction Services

Struggling to find a way to give your family the extra space they need? Granny flats have you covered! Offering efficient and stylish living spaces, granny flats are perfect for providing space without breaking the bank. Plus, with the skilled carpenters of LF Construction Services on board, you can create one tailored exactly as per your wishes, making it an ideal solution for when accommodating aging parents or adult children is necessary. So why not think outside-the-box today and start building that granny flat?

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What is a Granny Flat


Ready to add some extra space and comfort for your extended family, a guest, or even yourself? Look no further than the granny flat - an increasingly popular way of creating additional housing on one’s property with minimal fuss. Not only are these backyard cottages perfect for providing comfortable living quarters, but they can easily be tailored to match any style or size requirement you may have due to local zoning laws.

With everything from cozy 300-square foot spaces all the way up to 1,200 square feet available in most areas; what better way is there to make sure that those who matter most stay close without compromising their own privacy?

Why Build a Granny Flat


Homeowners often decide to construct granny flats for a variety of reasons. These can range from adding extra living space and increasing property value, all the way to creating additional rental income opportunities. So whether you’re looking for more room or just some monetary gain, consider building your very own ‘granny flat’ today!

  • A granny flat can provide extra room to spread out. They provide a space without having to move, which is perfect for adult children with growing families or aging parents who need some additional support.

  • For the smart homeowner, renting out a granny flat can be an excellent way to generate income and offset costs. With rental rates on the rise, this could lead to some much-needed extra cash in your pocket. It’s just another great perk of having your own private haven!

  • For accommodating those much-loved visitors from out of town, a granny flat makes for the perfect home away from home. It gives them their own little sanctuary so they can enjoy your hospitality in comfort and privacy.

  • A granny flat can provide a space for those looking to take their work from the buzz of the boardroom to isolated, creative refuge. Immerse yourself in your own private office or studio sanctuary - free from distractions and full of opportunity!

Building a Granny Flat needs the right Carpenter


Need to construct a granny flat? It’s important to find a carpenter with experience and expertise in the design and construction of granny flats. The team at LF Construction Services will get your granny flat built to the best standards of workmanship.

  • If you’re looking for the perfect granny flat, start by finding a carpenter like LF Construction Services who has extensive experience crafting similar structures. Ask to view their portfolio and references so that your project is in experienced hands after all, nothing beats knowledge when it comes to constructing an ideal abode!

  • Protect your home project and get the job done right by making sure that you hire a carpenter who is fully equipped to do it! LF Construction Services are licensed, insured, and have all of the permits required in NSW.

  • If you’re looking for a good carpenter, don’t stop at the first one you find! Get bids from multiple pros to ensure that your price is fair and get the best value. Shop around - it could save you quite a bit of money in the end.

  • For the perfect fit for your granny flat communication is key. Talking with your carpenter is the only way, at the end of it all, what you get will be more than satisfactory!

Designing Your Granny Flat


Once you’ve got your skilled carpenter on board, it’s time to let the creative juices flow! Designing a granny flat can be overwhelming, so here are some helpful considerations that will turn your plans into an inviting oasis:

  • When considering the size and layout of your granny flat, bear in mind that you don’t just need room to live - but also ample space for storage. Strategically arrange your living quarters so it’s both functional and efficient: after all, organisation is key for any successful home!

  • Stand out in style! Make sure your granny flat complements the rest of your house and property. This will not only help it blend naturally into its surroundings but also increase resale value when that time comes.

  • Save yourself some cash and invest in energy-efficient features for your granny flat. You’ll be glad you did with high-efficiency windows, insulation, and HVAC systems that make a difference when it comes to reducing both costs on utility bills and overall comfort levels!


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