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Timber Roofing

When you are looking to build a new home or an investment property, you are not flush with options regarding the roof system or the frame building; well, there’s help out there!


In today's building, you have two common choices, timber truss frames or metal. So it's important to know the differences and why! 


What Is a Timber Roof Truss


It's not as complicated as it sounds! 


Roof trusses are triangular-shaped pieces of wood that rest on the wall frames that keep the roof up. A triangular structure, they provide the perfect support you need for all buildings, especially those with open floor plans and extra spaces. 

What Are Timber Wall Frames


Stability is the key. And that's what these frames provide. Whether it is a new home or a townhouse, prefabricated timber will help give you stability but also reduce energy costs and, in turn, help save you money. 


At LFCS, we supply and install trusses and wall frames to both homeowners and contractors in Sydney and surrounding areas.  


We have a choice of frame systems from king post trusses, also queens and scissor trusses.  

Our experienced team will assist you in selecting the correct timber frame trusses to ensure your new build doesn't fall short when it comes to loading and stress requirements, including the appearance and, of course, the floor plan.  

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Quality Advice and Products


We ensure that our timber wall frames are weather-resistant using the latest technology and techniques.  


Our methods ensure you are dealing with the latest tech that Australia has to offer.  


With over two decades of experience, we know how to install timber trusses and frames. Our cladding and fascia eaves are renowned for using both termite-treated and standard timbers. 


Our Service


The LFCS team is committed to the pinnacle of Australian standards and customer care throughout our service delivery.


We assure a prompt and professional service with same-day delivery and turnaround times. Moreover, our workmen and women are skilled and certified to deliver on our promises. 




We can assure you that our service will both save you money and deliver the best quality in Sydney.  


Do not hesitate to contact us; our team will quote your project accordingly and with no obligation.


Our services cover the following:


Timber roofing Sydney

Timber roofing Matraville

Timber roofing Brighton Le Sands

Timber roofing Point Piper

Timber roofing Bellevue Hill

Timber roofing Vaucluse

Timber roofing Centennial Park

Timber roofing Double Bay

Timber roofing Tamarama

Timber roofing Dover Heights

Timber roofing Rose Bay

Timber roofing Mosman

Timber roofing Woolwich


Contact us through our website or by phone call, and we will be sure to assess your roofing requirements. 

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