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DIY or Professional: When to Tackle Carpentry Projects Yourself and When to Call LFCS in Sydney

Is there anything cooler than a carpentry, Sydney project? You could be making something for yourself. It’s a home DIY, or perhaps you’re trying to add intrinsic value to your home for a lifetime of professional-grade renovating. 

LFCS Team working on some Carpentry

Knowing when you can do the renovation yourself – and when calling someone like LFCS Carpentry, Sydney to do the job is the better way forward – is the key to your success.

So we will assess many different things and aspects of any carpentry in Sydney you do and challenge you to think, is it really best to go down the DIY route, or not…Let’s find out. 

When to Consider DIY


An opportunity to learn new things.

On the one hand, if you have time and patience to read and eventually try it step by step, it sounds good, but is it worth it?

Hammering some wooden boards

Remember, you’ve got to have a passion for doing it. Doing it purely to save money isn’t usually the best way to approach DIY jobs. As we said at the start, just be honest with yourself about what you feel you can do. 

It’s better, in the long run, to leave the tricky things up to the pros. 

Little Projects

These are those slightly larger jobs – replacing a door handle, hanging a shelf, making a stool or small table – that are at the easier end of DIY, with few non-standard tools required comes a great opportunity to improve confidence.

It’s again, being able to judge what you can and can’t handle. 

DIY Rich Gear

If a project calls for tools you already own or that are cheap and easy to acquire, you might want to take it on. That could be simple stuff like sanding, painting or minor repairs. 

If your project is going to use gear that’s difficult or expensive to acquire and that requires a certain level of skill and know-how to use, usually, it’s worth paying a pro to do it.

Tight Budget

Lots of people can save on the labour cost of a DIY install, but it’s also important to consider the real cost of errors in the work and how long your project might take you.

Remember to always consider your options. If you were thinking about a timber floor, ask about vinyl; it looks the same, is much cheaper, and also has other qualities. There are other ways to bring your budget down and not compromise on the work, such as HAVING to do DIY.

Remember, most flooring comes with guarantees, but you’ll really need to read the small print and make sure there’s nothing in there about the warranty being only applicable if you have had their recommended or a professional fitter do the job; just make sure you check. 

When to Call a Professional

Big-box Merchants

As a rule of thumb, if you can readily identify it in a store, you are better off buying it there if it is pre-built. This category includes most items that fit under the heading of landscaping. 

Another item you would be better purchasing pre-built is siding and vinyl or wood trim used for windows or doors. Look into this online if you are considering doing some of the workload.  This can save time and money for your project. 

Finding the best carpentry Sydney has to offer like the LFCS team can be a no-brainer for certain work. 

Safety Issue

If you are making structural changes or working with electricity, you could be taking a big risk. 

Cutting wood with a power saw.

If you are not totally confident in the work, call in the experts who have the training and equipment to handle the job safely. Electricity, it goes without saying is not something you want to be taking on without fully understanding the in’s and out’s. 

This is where advice from a qualified sparky will stand you in better stead than guesswork. 


Some professionals exert a great deal of pressure on themselves and others, but few wood artists are so experienced that they can do a project from beginning to finish in a matter of hours. 

If you need something done quickly, that’s what you’ll get with a well-practised professional’s ability to function in an economy of time.  

With many similar-size projects under their belts, they’ll be able to get to work straight away and cut down on assessment times, and already know in what order they must execute to speed the prices along. 

Professional Finish

Is professional perfection more important than doing it yourself? If so, it’s a good idea to call in the experts. 

A professional paint job is likely to offer a better finish than you can do yourself – though some ‘DIY’ jobs are indistinguishable from the real thing, depends on how much of a dab hand you are with a paintbrush, a roller, and making sure you don’t make a mess!

Permits and Laws

Let’s face it, many carpentry Sydney works require permits or need to adhere to particular building codes. 

The professional carpenter you hire will be aware of such regulations. They are familiar with and can ensure that your project complies with all these requirements so you won’t land in trouble one day.


Although DIY-ing can be a great way to personalise your place and can save huge amounts of money,  it also can have its cons and disadvantages. In terms of safety and quality for bigger projects or bigger risks, calling for LFCS Carpentry, Sydney to do the job would be the best solution. It will bring the quality, speed, and less stress that comes with a well-practised, experienced outfit doing the job perfectly. Weigh up your net move carefully, and good luck!


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