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Enhancing Your Living Space: How Timber Flooring Adds Value to Your Home

Homeowners searching to enhance their living space and add market value to their property opt for timber flooring. 

Installing timber flooring

Timber flooring carries many advantages with it, such as longevity, customisation, beauty and ecological sustainability. 

At LF Construction Services we understand that for our clients timber flooring is a great option due to its visual appeal and functionality and as an investment.

Timber Floorings Appeal

The durability and longevity of timber flooring are massive pluses. Timber flooring is created from the wood of different trees that are naturally strong. 

It can put up with some environmental issues, discolouration, moisture, and dirt if taken good care of and cleaned regularly. 

These floors can survive as much as a century when kept in impeccable condition without losing their aesthetics or quality. These floors are built to last; always have been, but they still need care.

Plenty of Choice

There are so many types of timber flooring in terms of:

  • Colours

  • Finishes

  • Species

  • Or styles…

You will definitely find something that will appeal to your taste. 

NOTE - You might consider European-style oak, for example, if you like light and airy temperament, or you may choose the Australian native if you like a warm and cozy appearance. 

Those exotic and rich tropical hardwoods would also add an extra dimension to your interior. By integrating different motifs, textures, and designs, you get to create a completely personal look, all of your own. 

Timber has a unique character, making it almost impossible to get the matching design wrong. 

Wooden flooring for a wooden porch

Therefore, it can be used to create everything from modern and minimalist, or, classic and traditional to an eclectic and creative interior. Besides, wood floors work in rooms of different types, for example:

  • Residential Areas

  • Bedrooms

  • Dining Rooms

  • And Bathrooms…

As they can sustain various environmental conditions and different climates.

Timber Makes Your Home…Home

Timber is a great option that makes home…well home!

Through the wood flooring, the natural beauty of individual knots, grains, and colours is expressed. 

A wooden floor escalates the aesthetics

Wood planking is a deceptively easy way to brighten up any room, as there are plenty of woods to choose from to suit the scene. 

Timber doesn’t just add aesthetics to your home, it also adds value.  Homeowners all around the country who have sold a home ‘post’ timber flooring will attest to its extra value as an asset. 

Real estate professionals recognise the sale price of homes with hardwood flooring is naturally higher than those without, and such houses always attract more buyers.

The Environment

One thing Australia did was make a series of bodies and pacts to ensure timber is an eco-friendly material that can be harvested with no harmful impact on the environment as the forests can be sustainably managed. 

Now, this flooring lowers your environmental impact since all forms of Australian timber used in construction are managed and replanted.

Air Quality

Timber flooring is another feature that combats poor indoor air quality, as it doesn’t release chemicals or allergens into the air and can evaporate and return moisture to control the humidity and temperature. 

Timber can also help with your mental well-being, reducing noise, stress and dust in the house to provide a comfortable, natural way to live.

More on Sustainability

One of the big pushes in recent decades has come in Australia for sustainability. It is a prerequisite now that construction firms adhere to the many acts that have been put in place to ensure the longevity of Australia’s natural woods.

Here are some examples of what has been put in place to ensure your carbon footprint doesn’t grow when using timber:

  • In contrast to other countries, Australia has a very stable legal framework to support forest conservation and the sustainable utilisation of forests.

  • Policy on forests in Australia is designed and delivered on National, State and Territory levels. The state and territory governments are the ones who hold the forest management power directly.

  • Australia has the Sustainable Forest Management Framework 2008, also called the Framework of Criteria and Indicators (FCI). This is an internationally recognised framework for sustainable forest management, which is applied to all Australian forests.

  • Australia is also a member of the PEFC International, the largest independently certified system of forests in the world that advocates for sustainable management of forests as a whole.

  • Responsible Wood is a not-for-profit Australian organisation introduced to set and maintain worldwide transparent forest management standards and to certify the Responsible Wood and PEFC schemes.

  • Responsible Wood certification relies on two major Australian Standards: To ensure sustainable forest management (AS/NZS 4708) and uninterrupted forest products chain of custody (AS 4707).

  • The record on responsible forest wood certification states that timber products must be obtained sustainably, socially fair, ecologically clean and economically favourable.

  • Consumers can be reassured that forests and their products will be preserved for generations if products have the "responsible wood" logo. That is why, by using this logo, producers advertise their commitment to ensuring the sustainability of forest ecosystems.


Hardwood flooring is an excellent option for homes as it not only makes living space look stunning but also adds to the value. Hardwood flooring promises you a decent lifespan, an almost unlimited variety, and luxury, and it even makes your house environmentally friendly. Timber flooring is considered to be a wise and rewarding choice that helps you expand your quality of life and boost the market value of the property.

If you want hardwood flooring installed the right way, talk to the carpenters at LF Construction Services.


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