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Maximise Your Mini-Kitchen: Space-Saving Renovation Ideas for Small Kitchens

There are not many of us who would want to live in a home that came complete with a very small kitchen. 

But what exactly constitutes a very small kitchen? 

LF Construction Services has certainly worked on small kitchens in the past. With kitchen renovation and kitchen space-saving ideas, to achieve a good design, you would need to consider every inch available and prioritise what most needs to be in it. 

Cosy apartment kitchen.

Aside from being practical, your tiny kitchen needs to be efficient. It cannot be just for show. For a kitchen to be considered small, the dimensions of the space must fall below the building codes set by most states, especially when it comes to the kitchen bench area they prescribe. 

This is because a kitchen is more than just a room in the house. It is the room where food, as a prime necessity, is prepared and stored and referred to by many as the best room in the house.

So, How do you Give Your Kitchen a Makeover? 

Let’s take a deeper look into the topic with some very practical kitchen space-saving ideas.

Open Shelving and Glass Cabinets

Putting away high closed cabinets in favour of open shelving or glass-fronted cabinets will help to open the room up again; the shelves can be used to store the beautiful, hand-thrown bowls and utensils you’ve accumulated. .

Small compact kitchen

Maximise Natural Light

Bring in a sense of spaciousness with as much natural light as possible. Install a skylight or maximise windows. Mirrored and reflective backsplashes and high-gloss finishes bounce light off walls to make the room feel infinitely larger.

Smart Storage Solutions

Invest in clever storage: 

  • Shelves inside cabinet doors

  • Pull-out pantries

  • And a magnetic knife rack to free up extra counter space.

Small kitchen storage spaces.

Compact Appliances

Pick appliances that look right in a small space rather than compromising function. Focus on multi-functional appliances, such as a microwave that can also convection bake, for instance, or a dishwasher drawer.

Fold-down Tables and Rolling Carts

You might lie to yourself that a fold-down table can be used as extra prep space, but it can also be a place to eat. A rolling cart can be a mobile prep station, extra storage space, or that massive island your kitchen was lacking until you rolled it in and out.

Neutral Colour Palette

When limited to a single colour scheme – neutral, for example, with white, light grey or soft pastel hues – it can lend a wide-open feel.

Mirrored Backsplash

A mirrored backsplash may double the perceived depth in your kitchen. It’s a chic modern streak that will bring glamour and add depth to your space. 

Vertical Space Utilisation

Use tall cabins up to the ceiling, hanging pot racks and wall-mounted shelves on the walls. This will draw eyes up and visually lift the ceilings.

Integrated Seating

One of the great tricks up your sleeve with kitchen space-saving ideas. When going through a kitchen renovation, a small breakfast bar with stools that tuck away at the corners provides room for a less formal dining experience without losing space. Opt for slim, streamlined backless stools that can be completely concealed under the counter.

Sleek Hardware

Choose sleek hardware that hugs cabinet or drawer fronts to reduce visual clutter. Simple hardware can make a big difference in small kitchens, where it can help to create a more polished effect. 

Even if it doesn’t add space, if somewhere has the right aesthetic, then it can make a big overall difference to the way you feel about the space. 

Innovative Corner Solutions

Don’t glaze over corners. Install carousel shelves or a pull-out system to make the best use of those corners that would otherwise go to waste. It’s surprising how many meters in space can be gained by employing this idea. 

There is extra room for condiments, bowls, glasses, you name it, just by filling those corner areas.

Multi-Level Countertops

Imagine a kitchen renovation with a lower-level prep area on the countertop and then a bar or serving area higher up on the countertop—not only will it look interesting, but it will also designate zones within the kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Something sometimes overlooked with kitchen space-saving ideas. Is under-cabinet lighting to illuminate workspaces and cast a comforting glow. This type of lighting makes a kitchen feel more open and brighter, particularly in areas that don’t have much natural light. 

Streamlined Sink and Faucet

Pick a single-bowl, deep sink because it will give you the most basin space to work with. Place a streamlined, high-arc faucet above it so you can wash bigger items with ease while keeping the lines looking clean and modern.


If you are looking for space-saving kitchen renovation and kitchen space-saving ideas to build a mini-kitchen for your home in Sydney, follow these ideas, as this is a concise guide to turning a small kitchen into a useful utility area. With the help of a good designer, anyone can have an extraordinary-looking kitchen that will be the heart of the home, irrespective of its size.


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