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Transforming Spaces: Door Installation Trends Shaping Sydney's Interior Design

Sydney's interior design scene is booming and with the most creative minds in the country having all flocked to it, interior design in Sydney is the gold standard right now in the country.

New contemporary door styles are giving interior designers, homeowners, renovators and hospitality owners a new way of thinking about doors and how they can change an entire look or even the theme in which you go.

Interior design with modern door

From contemporary-style doors to functional internal spaces, in this blog, we are going to take a look at how properties in Sydney are shaping new innovations and creativity in interior design through trendy door installations.

So her

e’s what we have:

  • What’s Trending in Door Installation in Sydney?

  • How Doors Are Transforming Space

  • Incorporate Door Installation Trends into Your Home Decor

  • Combining Traditional and Modern Designs for Maximum Style Impact

  • Four Overlooked Considerations for Installing an Interior Door

So let’s take a look at an area of interior and exterior design many people don’t give much consideration to until it’s almost time to decide.

What’s Trending in Door Installation in Sydney?

From Contemporary to Rustic Styles

Door installation doesn’t strike you like some other parts of the home, office, bar or restaurant but in Sydney is a growing industry that is constantly evolving and changing interior design along with it.

From contemporary designs to rustic styles, homeowners have a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to looking at a style, colour scheme or basic theme for a room or an entire project.

Opening door to home office

As a rule of thumb in most Australian cities, modern door designs are more commonly seen in urban areas, while traditional and rustic styles tend to be more popular in the suburbs out of more rural areas.

Whether it be sleek, minimalist designs or rugged, natural finishes, the interior design market in Sydney constantly has an ever-evolving chain of new designs to get those creative juices flowing.

When considering installing or replacing your doors, understanding what’s out there is the first step.

How Doors Are Transforming Space

Interior doors may just be the unsung heroes of home decoration. Not only are they functional and serving a purpose, but now everyone is looking at their ability to transform the look and feel of a room.

Wooden floors with wooden sliding doors

So finding professionals who know what is best for your needs is a good start, build some rapport, and get an inspection.

Once they are aware of what design and materials will suit you they can recommend what is best and these could be anything from:

  • Hinge and Swinging Doors

  • Interior Doors

  • Pivot Doors

  • Bi-Fold Doors

  • Sliding Doors

  • Pocket Doors

  • Cavity Doors

  • Exterior Doors and more…

NOTE - Interior doors can also have functional benefits, such as noise reduction and insulation. So when you are considering this it’s important to understand what spaces you require, how many and where you want them.

Incorporate Door Installation Trends into Your Home Decor

When it comes to home decor, doors are often overlooked as a potential design element. However, incorporating door installation trends will add a unique touch to your home and enhance its overall look.

So let's take a look at a few of the trends in more detail:

  • Bold Statement Doors - A popular door trend is the use of bold, statement doors, such as those made of reclaimed wood as they add an aura to a room or a door featuring eye-catching patterns and/or colours.

  • Sliding Barn Doors - This may come out of the blue but sliding INTERNAL barn doors are now growing in popularity fast adding lots of design variants. They come in many kinds of woods and therefore different looks and colours.

  • Smart technology with Doors - Why not think about your tech needs at the same time you’re speaking with professionals about your doors, such as keyless entry systems or video cameras, can enhance your home's security and add value to your property too!

With just these trends in mind, it should get you thinking about what is really on the market that could change a project, refresh or even kick-start one.

Combining Traditional and Modern Designs for Maximum Style Impact

When it comes to home décor, especially if there’s more than one person involved in the decision-making process you will often be torn between traditional and modern design styles.

While traditional design embraces classic elegance and comfort, modern design is all about clean lines and minimalism.

Is it Possible to Have Both?

Why not? This is 2023 you can mix and match easily.

If you think about combining traditional and modern designs, you may stumble across something totally unique to your home/project.

Black framed door for black and white hallway

Imagine a living room furnished with a classic sofa and armchairs but with a sleek, modern coffee table and abstract art on the walls.

Or a kitchen with traditional cabinets but a contemporary backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

Traditions are traditions but new modern contemporary art can be so out there and unique it makes you rethink and Sydney is your oyster for doing something out of the NORM when it comes to design.

Four Overlooked Considerations for Installing an Interior Door

When it comes to installing an interior door, there are many things that could be overlooked as it wasn’t likely one of the more important things to do among many others.

These four examples are tailored towards a situation where you are designing the door using different components:

  • STYLE MATTERS - Another important factor is the style of the door – if you are working with an interior designer or professional fitters they will have ideas and options. But make sure you know what you want for sure first. With so many options on the market, you need to take a look at a number of styles and colours to open your mind before you commit.

  • HARDWARE MATTERS - If you are not going for an all-in-one frame and door are getting creative then add-ons like hinges and handles have to be thought about. Both of them being functional and looking good are the first two considerations.

  • FRAMES MATTER - If you are mixing and matching then great care needs to be taken to ensure the right frame is chosen especially when it comes to necessary insulation or soundproofing then you’ve got to get it right.

  • AND SIZE MATTERS - You need to ensure the door you choose is the right size for the opening. This may seem obvious, but ask any professional fitter who’s been on the job for a while and they’ll tell you a few funny stories where it hasn’t!


From contemporary and modern styles to traditional and rustic, outside and Interior doors can become a functional interior design item for your project. If you speak and deal with the right people it’ll let your creative side come out. You’ll then probably realise you hadn’t thought this would be an issue at all but can now see how to create space transformation by funky or traditional door installation. The way the market is in 2023 moving into 2024, whatever you want it's out there. Good luck!


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