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Warm Up Your Living Room: Best Timber Flooring Options in Sydney

You have to start from the beginning when you want to make your living room cosy and inviting and are considering fitting timber flooring in Sydney. 

In Sydney, where the dominance of an urban chic and relaxed coastal lifestyle influences home decor more than any other city in Australia, the LFCS team understand that the selection of timber flooring is a key choice in creating a beautiful and desirable living space. 

Living space with timber flooring.

With this guide on the best timber flooring options hopefully, this will inspire you and your project and we will have helped to add warmth and value to your Sydney home.

Solid Timber Flooring

Solid timber floors are the ultimate in luxury and longevity. Every plank is a slice of nature, every grain and film etched with texture and nuance, a testament to time. 

Timber floor with white chair

In Sydney, where climatic whims appear to have been included in an evolutionary struggle, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum are both pretty and tough enough to do the job. And they can be sanded back and rejuvenated many times over a lifetime.

We’ll cover these further in this article. 

Engineered Timber Flooring

Since engineered timber is accreted, it combines the best qualities of solid timber with some robust engineering designed to combat the warping and expansion we all know. 

Nowhere is that a better idea than in Sydney, with its coastal humidity. 

With a top veneer of real timber, engineered timber flooring gives you the best of both worlds and looks just as rich as solid wood but allows much more flexibility in laying over under-floors and different conditions.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring – which holds up in Sydney’s eco-conscious market as a sustainable option – has the potential to be softer than the monstrous flooring made from bamboo in the past as new techniques come to the fore.. 

Although bamboo can be harder than the hardiest of timbers – in fact, closer to steel than any other natural wood, it iis an incredibly versatile product, available in a massive spectrum of shades, allowing it to resemble time-travelling traditional timbers and stamp its own individuality with its clean, crisp lines and completely unique natural beauty.

Laminate Timber-look Flooring

Laminate flooring is chosen by those who seek the look of timber flooring without the cost of real timber. 

Modern laminates can accurately replicate the look of real wood and come with ease of installation, as well as resistance to dampness and noise, and easy maintenance. 

Laminates are definitely a sensible choice of flooring for busy homes in Sydney, where cost-effectiveness and wear are determining factors.


Everything from basketry to hairdressing has checked out of the hand-made business, but parquetry flooring has stuck around. 

Once a distinctive mark of European elegance in Sydney living rooms, with its medallions and curling arabesques, this handiwork of good wood takes time and deserves the space. 

Solid timber? It might take time to wear, but it will never go out of style. 

Hybrid Flooring

The thing about hybrid flooring is that it’s the quintessential handyman in the flooring world. 

Being the offspring of laminate and vinyl, it’s completely waterproof, easy to clean and is arguably the toughest flooring option out there. 

Hybrid is the epitome of practicality – the hardwearing pros of timber look without any of the cons. For Sydney homes with constant foot traffic or those with pets and kids, there’s simply no better option than hybrid flooring.

Cork Flooring

The humble cork floor is a flooring hidden gem: an insulator that warms your winter living room in Sydney and keeps it cool in summer. 

With its extra cushioning underfoot, it is a great choice for homes populated with children or the elderly, especially if they have any issues walking around the home. 

What’s the Best Selling Wood for Timber Flooring in Australia?

There are different sorts of Australian hardwoods:

Wood Planks for Timber Flooring

Each of these sorts of Australian hardwoods is known for its distinct properties that make them demanded for floorboards:

  • Coastal Blackbutt - Is a  fire-resistant species and is suitable in areas prone to bushfires. It is a straight-grained timber with an even texture and colour palette spanning between cream and pale brown. However, it has been found to contain fewer resin ducts compared to other timber species. Its ease of staining and hardwearing nature make it adaptable to a variety of interior design styles.

  • Spotted Gum - A nice timber for interior cladding and flooring, spotted gum has beautiful grain patterns and colour variants from light brown through to dark red-brown. It’s also very hard, which is handy if you’re planning to install flooring in a busy household, while oils in its flesh keep pests at bay.

  • Ironbark: Ironbark is one of the toughest timbers, and it has immense hardness and density. It ranges from pale grey to deep red-brown in colour and has fine interlocked grain. It’s very durable and wear-resistant, which makes it suitable for lifetime flooring.

All of these woods bring their own advantages to the table – aesthetically and functionally, whether it be for durability, to be resistant to the elements, or to help your home feel warm and welcoming.


What you choose might be partially aesthetic: it could be based on whether you like the colour, direction of grooves, and feel of the surface in the living room and on your feet. It might also be based on how practical the material is or whether it is durable and likely to last. If your choice of professional is right and you’ve found the best timber flooring Sydney has to offer, your living room will already be a cozy and comforting place, according to the design in your mind. Well-considered living rooms in Sydney can withstand the pressures of the Sydney lifestyle.


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